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England Meets Recife

Brazil is incredibly green. That may sound weird and it feels weird to say but the vibrant green terrain, and sheer amount of greenery and various interesting looking trees and shrubs is amazing. Even in the city, paralleling kilometres of road are fantastic billowing trees.

Recife’s skyline was also rather a perplexing sight; a crowd of skyscrapers, all pretty much identical in design rise up in the centre of the city, surrounded by extremely poor communities – terracotta coloured flat roofed shacks, unmaintained, rickety and decrepit. The city however is named as the Venice of Brazil, filled with rivers and pools of water, sitting on the North East coast of Brazil. The beaches: beautiful! Warm as my tea back home, the water is like a Sunday night bath, the air warm and the breeze cool.

After my flight we headed to a little place serving local food; Caldinho – broths of all sorts, made from various ingredients but mainly beans; an (extremely large) stuffed fish with vegetables, Farofa (dried crunchy cassava) cooked with butter, eggs and prawns; Guarana Antarctica – a seriously tasty and popular Brazilian soft drink. And I’m not an advocate for fizzy drinks and sugary foods, but oh my.



Later we somehow ended up exploring Recife’s finest shopping mall, which is seriously impressive and swish I must add. Ignoring all the fancy clothes, shoes and beauty products it had to offer, I sampled probably one of the best ice lollies I’ve ever put in my mouth: Paleta Mexicana, a gloriously creamy condensed milk outer layer, filled with the fudgiest chocolatey innard. And I’m not afraid to say I’ve now eaten the same lolly three times since my arrival… In the heat, ice-cream is always your best friend.


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