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Plants, Monkeys, Mosquitoes, Art

The hot humid weather is not something well known to the typical Englishman/woman. And alas, I feel like a goat in a tropical rainforest. Today we took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Recife, encountering an array of beautiful plants, trees, flowers and shrubs. Fruits were even growing from the trees, and most amazingly Jaca – Jackfruit. No matter how many times I see these gigantic spiky vessels hanging from branches I’m always in awe. 



Playing with a tiny iPhone macro lens.




A growing baby pineapple! I’ve never seen these bad boys grow before.

DSC_0521DSC_0528 DSC_0510.jpgAfter getting bitten by numerous bugs we decided to take yet another bug laden adventure: Recife’s Zoo. I’m not often a zoo enthusiast, unhappy to see caged animals out of their natural habitats, but many of the species in the zoo originate from Brazil, so I could tolerate the captivity mildly….

DSC_0556DSC_0582DSC_0612DSC_0624DSC_0645To complete the day was a trip to the Ricardo Brennard Institute; a cultural institute created by Ricardo Brennard, and art collector and businessman. The institute houses art galleries, a museum and beautiful gardens. Amongst the historical and contemporary art, varying from sculptures, statues and paintings, it’s the home to one of the most comprehensive collections of documentation from the Dutch occupation of Northeast Brazil. An interesting visit to view some cultural artefacts from near and afar. And if this hasn’t got you going enough, head to the cafe and get yourself a slice of Bolo de Limão – a lemon meringue pie that’s just to die for.



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