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Antigo Meets Novo

Brazil’s former Dutch colonisation way back in the 1600’s has left modern day Brazil’s urban landscape speckled with beautifully coloured and colonial buildings. Visiting Recife Antigo, Old Recife, the Dutch influence is clear. Narrow roads lined with coloured apartments are vibrant and full of history, larger buildings with more prowess inhabiting many a modern day art gallery, restaurant and artisanal gift selection.


In Recife Antigo you can find Marco Zero; literally 0 mark, it marks the beginning for measuring roads in the city and is the place where the Portuguese founded Recife in 1537. What was once a quiet, fairly deserted open area has now been transformed into a bustling hotspot for Recife, where one can experience weekly markets , performances and events alongside new more commercial surrounding developments, featuring artisanal arts and crafts and a variety of cafes and restaurants.


The 0 mark itself.



Located on the Island of Recife, near the Recife harbor, you can take a boat trip from a willing local on Rio Capibaribe for only a few Reais and sail to Parque das Esculturas Francisco Brennand – a small park on a rocky reef built in 2000 to celebrate the discovery of Brazil 500 years on, featuring rather interesting sculptures by renown Brazilian artist and sculptor Francisco Brennand.

I’m rather terrified of boats (and planes – or rather anything that doesn’t involve having your feet firmly on the ground) but this journey was a pleasant one, sailing for only several minutes to the reef to stand on the rocky face outwards, the sea wind blowing through your hair, the sea spray wetting your eyelashes; a serene place to walk up and down, ride a bike or do a spot of fishing.


Bae just chilling (and doubling as a camera holder).


*Important Road Trip Snack Documentary*

Incredible wafer thin biscuits that have the potential to be devoured within less than 10 minutes: beware.


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