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Real Rio Nights

Nightlife in Rio is as vibrant as expected, but watch out when in very busy or very quiet areas – hold onto your purses ladies. And use caution when whipping out flashy camera equipment, phones or other tech. I’ve not had the misfortune of being separated from my devices in such a way, but not many people have a Brazilian telling you angrily 109349 times a day to put your phone back in your bag – good intentions I’m sure, no hard feelings…


If without a car your nightlife should be well planned, as we discovered this night; after an interesting trip to CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (a cultural centre with art, theatre and more) – to see some weird sound art and German photography, Feira de São Cristovão was our next stop – a famous night market filled with souvenir, amenity and food stalls and many restaurants. The market is notorious for its Northeastern Brazilian goods, unhelpful for exploring Southern culture but nice nonetheless. After an intense restaurant war, being the victims of two facing restaurants clearly in a long lasting battle for feeble customers, we sampled Bobó de Camarão, a shrimp soup served with rice. The hot broth was earthy, rich and comforting, lightly fragranced with cooked fresh coriander (which I’m often not a fan of) and speckled with fresh tender shrimp. To wash it all down we ordered Acerola juice and Graviola juice – two common fruits which I’d yet to try, and among the list of many new fruits I’ve discovered during my time in Brazil. With happy bellies we left the market ready to sleep but rudely disturbed in our serenity by the sketchiness the favelas and poor communities of Rio had to offer. Lets just say it’s not wise to to carry a camera and take a bus late at night in dark unfamiliar areas – or just at night full stop. Lessons learned. Thank the heavens for Uber.


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