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Christo Redentor Returns

Our last morning in Rio was greeted by warm weather, clear skies and sad goodbyes (our airbnb was so damn beautiful). But this stroke of luck with the weather, that had been toying with us the entire trip, could only mean one thing; it was time to see Jesus.


Amazing freshly baked goods at a local bakery…


Having already planned to head to the botanical gardens before our coach to Região dos Lagos (lake region), we made an abrupt turnaround when we glanced up toward the surrounding mountains to see the statue in its full visible glory; an opportunity not to be missed. We rushed out of a local bakery, inhaling a fantastic lime cheesecake, carrot cake, mini coxinhas and mini pão de queijos (we had to save most of it, never fear) and ran towards Cosmo Velho where we waited in anticipation to get back on that tram up Corcovado. With one eye on the queue and the other on the prize (and any suspicious looking clouds) we jumped on board and ascended 710m, armed with snacks, several cameras and a load of suncream slapped on our backs.


Standard tourist photo.


I can’t say I’m a follower of religion, but Christo Redentor is not a sight to be missed… twice…


Celebrating our victory with Guarana and the biggest slice of watermelon I have ever seen.


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