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Better Lake Than Never

Região dos Lagos is a picturesque coastal region, radiating with natural beauty. It’s both luxurious and simple, colonial and modern; a perfect alternative to the hustle and bustle of Rio’s capital. Only two hours away from Rio’s centre, one can only think to be in a dream when travelling alongside the beautiful coast.


Despite being super later for the coach, speeding through the manic streets of Rio in a super swanky Uber which we feared was a going to empty our pockets (turns out it was a recent convert from Uber Black to Uber X) and believing a ghost had mysteriously nicked a pair of Pedro’s sandals (turns out they were just under the bed), our cares dissipated in the warm breeze and serene atmosphere of our new destination.


Praia Do Forte Cabo Frio – one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever seen – the sand was so unbelievably soft.


Staying with your man’s family has perks; excellent local food, a personal tour guide and a warm welcome to an unfamiliar place. I even made a new friend…


In the evening after a traditional churrasco (a common barbecue with rice, beans, farofa and salsa) we headed to Praia Do Forte Cabo Frio and the city, although a lot less low key that what I had been experiencing – a much needed break. Full of small parks, piers and food stalls, São Pedro de Aldeia is full of history and nightlife. I also had here the best churro of my life… *drools on shirt*; the perfect end to our trip to Rio.


Amazing churros during a moonlit walk along the pier.


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