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Goodroots Food Festival

Where can you find a celebration of tasty wholesome food, wellness and hundreds of food crazed Londoners queuing for free samples? Goodroots Festival 2016 at MC Motors, Dalston. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds this Saturday to welcome the one day food and wellness festival just up the road from Dalston Junction overground, hosting an array of food and produce stalls and talks from well known cooks and bloggers from home and overseas. Of course I was there for the sole intention to meet the beautiful minds behind the best food blog around, Green Kitchen Stories, but I did get fan-girly when Deliciously Ella and her husband came within a 2 meter radius of me.


From flavoured water kefir, to ethically sourced sushi, to chocolate avocado mousse and t-shirts bearing yoga and avocado slogans, you can easily walk around the festival 5+ times and gawk at everything like you’ve never seen it before – as you can tell I arrived too early to hear Green Kitchen Stories talk so I had to kill some time. One glorious food that caught my eye and my purse-strings was a delicate raw, vegan Matcha cake by Taiki Tea; a crunchy nutty base with a white creamy centre topped with an equally creamy (yet matcha-green) topping, not to forget a purple petalled edible flower. It being chilled made it even more appealing to a seriously humid and warm day in London.


Another beautiful product was Onist’s Avocado Chocolate pots; healthy, socially-responsible and organically sourced pots of tastiness, made only from six natural, nutritious ingredients; avocados, dates, cashew nuts, cocoa powder, mineral water and natural flavourings. And it gets better: when you buy a chocolate pot from Onist a child in Gambia is a bought a nourishing breakfast. So you can save the world whilst satiating that sweet tooth.


Alas, after walking around endlessly in circles it came to the time to see my beloved Green Kitchen Stories; after years of gawking and admiration (at both David and Luise’s life and recipes) this was a moment to be remembered. Chats and laughs followed, discussing diets and their way of life and why they do what they do. Feeling nervous, they decided to casually make a smoothie (I guess I would’ve done the same, to deflect the attention of 400 strangers) and became even more awesome in the process. Hurriedly after the talk I rushed to get my bible signed (The Green Kitchen) and when next in the line, making eye contact with the family I suddenly lost control of my body and forgot how to speak english. Flustered, I spluttered some jumbled sentences whilst they laughed at my misgivings. I mustered up the courage to apologise for being so starstruck and that I just love everything they do.


Feeling like I had reached the pinnacle of life itself, I regained control of my shaking knees and slowly made my way back home after a trickle of rain washed down onto the festival to close the day’s events.


Here’s a bit more about Good Roots Festival if you’re curious | 

And if you’ve never heard of Green Kitchen Stories before then I recommend you get on that ASAP |

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