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Boats and Goodbyes

When all good things come to an end, go out in style. And what better way to say goodbye to Recife than to take a catamaran down its famous river. But first we made sure to visit Francisco Brennand’s ceramic studio; a contemporary sculpture artist in Brazil and son of Riccardo Brennand, he displays hundreds of his sculptures in his massive studio space, doubling as a great gallery filled with gardens, water fountains and pools and theatres. His work exudes sensuous symbols and seem highly iterative of one another, being fairly abstract and range in form whilst being highly similar in style. He’s also well known to create floor and wall tiles for construction, beautifully decorated and painted by a team of hard-working locals who can be seen hard at work amongst the open galleries in the studio. And if you visit beware of some evil looking swans roaming around the gardens…


Hurridley, we rushed straight after to the catamaran, sure we had missed it, but managed to jump aboard and set sail down the river with only one other couple on board – almost a private tour. Sailing toward Marco Zero, under multiple bridges where we had to make 5 wishes, one for each bridge, and around many other landmarks on the river, it was the best way to end my time in Recife.


I had my last ever paletas mexicanas on the journey home, also with a massive chocolate cake in hand from a kind aunt, slowly heading to the airport. Our pace was slow, with almost a hope that if we could be slow enough time would cease and I wouldn’t need to board that plane. But alas, time is never a good friend of mine. Goodbyes are hard, and funnily enough they never seem to get easier the more you do them – whatever happened to practice makes perfect? Nonetheless, this goodbye was not one that meant forgetting the time I had spent in Brazil, because as J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan, said – “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” Rather, this goodbye meant an uncertainty of return, a sadness of the good memories shared and waded in and a grief to the activities that won’t be shared together for quite some time. One thing is for sure, that a piece of my heart will be left in Brazil after these three weeks – a piece I don’t mind leaving behind.


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