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The Last Supper

My last few hours in Budapest were spent drinking coffee, eating tasty cakes and taking in my last moments of the wonderful city. On a seeming coffee-holiday, Madal cafe was next on the list. A more modern cafe, tall and spacious on the inside with a meditative quality to the decor and atmosphere, you can find excellent coffee, cakes and food at a reasonable cost. And you find yourself longer in Budapest, they cater to your coffee bean and equipment needs too. 


To send me home, we had a mini-feast – not unlike what we had been doing basically the whole trip anyway; cheesecake definitely on par with one from Steamhouse Cafe, lemon and poppy seed loaf, a random wrap, and double shot lattes, served beautifully on a custom Madal wooden board – coffee definitely served in style. If time wasn’t against us, Madal was definitely a great chill-out spot, one where you could chit chat, whip out your mac or cosy up with a book.


Snow began to fall en-route to the airport, my trip ending as it had began. Waiting tentatively for my flight, I watched the fluffy white flecks fall gently onto the ground and upon hurrying visitors. Melancholically, I reminisced on my past days and knew Budapest would well and truly be missed, but would definitely be visited once again – bring some warmer weather this Summer.


Me cooking our last meal.


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