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360 Budapest

For the best views of the city, you have a plethora of options to choose from when visiting Budapest. If you fancy a night out on the town, including cocktails, DJs, good vibes and a sunset, head to 360 Bar in Pest. Upon finding the venue, you may seem confused as to how the building you’re entering would bear such spectacular a view. The small reception leads to an even tinier lift, but once you’ve arrived you can see what the hype is about. If you can find a table (reservations are recommended), watch the sun set whilst slurping your drink and watch the fairy lights flicker on over the terrace as night falls over the city. And don’t forget to take that compulsory sun-set selfie.



The rooftop bar buzzed with chatter and sparkled with the clinking of drinks; large pint glasses decorated tables alongside large jam jars filled with crushed ice and freshly made lemonade – something that’s served seemingly everywhere in Budapest this time of year. The main terrace hosted a large bar, a large selection of seats and tables, and some sofas on the far side near two DJ’s doing their thing. Large plants and flowers in gigantic planters lined the edges of the fenced off roof-edge, that looked over the entire city, the sun slowly setting across the hills on the horizon.


From above, the city almost looked middle-eastern in style and colour, with its aged white and terra cotta coloured buildings and electrical wires strung from block to block.  The city and its structures turned from a coral hue to an apricot one, to a deep, dark yet vibrant orange, the sky ablaze with the ever-changing gradient. The vibrant orange soon turned to a musky and dark colour, becoming navy blue and slowly to black, the stars peeking out over the hills. Ball-strung fairy lights flickered alight across the bar, its visitor’s complexions half-lit in the ever-darkening night.



  1. Awesome photos! You got me all excited for my trip to Budapest this summer!
    Would you be so kind to share how you end up with these beautiful shots?

    • Annie Kruntcheva says

      Thanks! Budapest is awesome, especially in Summer. Ooh tricky question… I use a Nikon D750 and edit my raw files in Lightroom, but the magic is in trying to capture the moment… and then figuring out how to present that moment to the world haha.

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