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First Aid Mondays

Monday became a day of recovery from a little too much wine at Cinque, slowly meandering through the centre of the city, having seen nearly all the ruins and now in need of souvenirs (and rest). To nurse our hangovers, we discovered Klimataria, a tiny tucked away authentic Greek restaurant, dishing up homey Greek dishes with generous portions. It’s located in a kind of random part of the city, not next to the usual tourist restaurants in Monastiraki. If you get lost, look for the shrubs and leaves sticking out of the building and the vibrant yellow interior glowing from the inside. On the menu for us was an uplifting and delicately delicious pan of scrambled eggs with mixed veggies, like tomatoes, peppers and even some shards of bacon (not a vegetable, I know). To follow, I had a dish with Aubergine “cream” (silky, creamy pureed aubergine) with tender chunks of beef in a rich tomato sauce.


The view from our Airbnb.


Fresh sesame bread popularly sold on the streets of Greece.


For souvenirs the main hotspot has to be Monastariki flea market, where you can find anything from olive oil soaps and cosmetics to keychains, sculptures, jewellery and tshirts. If you arrive on the right day, you can also visit the temporary market stalls with vintage goodies, featuring clothes, cameras and furniture. Nearby is also a “Meet Market”, where you can purchase vintage clothes, fresh drinks and food, and cute gifts made bespoke my local craftsmen and women. And if you get tired of shopping, you have to visit Da Vinci Ice Cream Palour from some of the best gelato you will ever have (listen up, Italy). There’s a multitude of flavours to choose from, served on the most incredible cones you’ve ever seen, all dipped in chocolate and covered in either sprinkles or nuts. I’m a pistachio nut (pun intended) so I had to try the pistachio gelato (and a scoop of tiramisu gelato) in a cone with pistachio nuts. Honestly, get yourself to Athens now just to get one of these bad boys.


Some men playing chess.


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