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City Explorers | Bratislava ~ Part 1

Bratislava, the small yet charming capital of Slovakia, awaited us after our brief trip to Brno in the Czech Republic. The rain didn’t let up as we de-boarded our coach and headed for our Airbnb near to the town’s centre. But by the time we had dumped our bags and took a breather, night had fallen, and we had to again begin exploring the town by moonlight (and streetlight). But first, dinner:


The following day we discovered Bratislava in all its historical glory, it having a similar feel to Brno but seeming, to me, far more interesting and beautiful. The centre is only accessible by foot, meaning cars can’t pollute the pretty buildings and lively, yet calm, vibe.

To begin exploring we grabbed some pirôžky on Obchodná street – a small business that was one of the few to survive the turbulence of Communism and other events of the time in the area. Pirôžky is basically a kind of doughnut filled with poppy seeds, marmalade, nut or apple filling, served only in the morning from a shady looking kind of sliding window from a red concrete wall. Delightfully greasy and soft as a cloud, they made for an excellent breakfast treat. Further along, we stopped for caffeine at a macaron cafe, obviously grabbing some macarons in the process.


Once energised, we climbed up to Bratislava castle, which took a fair amount of thigh strength, to peruse the site and check out the view of the town from the top. The massive white rectangular building stands isolated on a lone rocky hill, right above the Danube river, it being an iconic part of the city as it has been for centuries.


On the way back down, we discovered the oldest part of Bratislava, bumbling down the cobbled streets and pausing to take pictures of the adorable lopsided houses aligned alongside of them.


(There was a dog pooping in the back)


At this point, we had already circled back into the centre of the city, being on the other side of it and hungry for more grub. Bratislava has no shortage of lively cafes and restaurants for tourists, and we stepped inside one trendy looking place in hope of something less hearty than our evening meal yet still Slovakian. We had eaten at a bunch of different places during our stay here, but for me ‘Kontakt’ was the tastiest and more interesting of them all.


Inside Kontakt:


A soup-er delicious butternut squash soup/puree with a spiced lamb and mint burger.


To walk off our extremely tasty lunch, we kept on walking through the city, people watching, taking photos of the pretty buildings, looking for souvenirs and discovered the city’s famous statues dotted all around the centre (and observed tourists’ bizarre interactions with them) (including our own).


Portraits against my will.


I suck at doing double exposures.


I took so many photos that this (mostly visual) story must be continued in part 2… *dramatic music ensues*


  1. Hey Annie! Love the photographs. Did you use a particular preset? Love the feel of your photos. Glad you had a nice time in Bratislava 🙂

    • Annie Kruntcheva says

      Hey Martina! Thankyou very much, glad you enjoyed. I use my own presets! 🙂

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