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Sauntering through Slovakia | Bratislava ~ Part 2

The following day, we had a half day left to say goodbye to the city and experience all the Slovakian things that we could…


Trying to check out some more museums and galleries but feeling sad that we had to pay *cry*


Spending that money on tasty Slovakian treats instead: something which (from later research) I believe to be Bratislavske Makove Rozteky (Bratislavian “croissants”). These were absolutely divine, and thank god I had some restraint to not eat the two bags I was to bring back home to the UK. Composed of a biscuity yet kind of cakey pastry shell, they were filled with a sweet walnut or poppy seed filling (I went for walnut). Delicious.


We decided to explore Bratislava’s old town hall, after eating far too many of the pastries, which had an amazing view of the city and also an extensive collection of historic weapons (random, but interesting nonetheless).


The town hall from the bottom-up.


We had no other business in Bratislava, and so meandered around the same spots once more to make sure we said a thorough goodbye to our newly acquainted city.


We were kind of dreading the long coach journey home, especially during dinner time, so we made sure to fill our bellies with some good grub before we left. And what better than some traditional… Italian food!


Honestly though, it was raining and we needed shelter and Trip Advisor had excellent reviews for this nearby Italian joint: Gatto Matto. And I can say with my hand on my heart, it’s probably some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had (and I went to Italy literally a few days after I came to Bratislava).


Although a small city, Bratislava is a great place to explore if you have a day or two to spare in the area, or if you’re crossing through countries. We found around two days was more than enough but I can definitely imagine visiting the city some time again in the future. Bratislava: it was a pleasure.


(Something about this bus station freaked me out – a kind of creepy nostalgic Eastern European communist vibe… I hope I captured that in my pics.)




  1. Nice photos. 🙂
    I really miss Bratislava, lived there for a year and a half before moving back to Sweden. Looks like you could have been a bit more lucky with the weather. 🙂

    • Annie Kruntcheva says

      Thanks Jesper! Oh that sounds fun, must be a nice place to live! For sure, it was very rainy haha. 🙂

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