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How to Experience Budapest Like a Local ~ A Travel Top 6 Guide!

Ever found yourself wandering the unknown streets of a city or town, wondering why you feel so out of place? Well you need some Travel Top 6 knowledge, my friend, and if you’re in the business of visiting Budapest, the glorious capital of Hungary, then don’t worry: I’ve got your back.


In my latest Travel Top 6 article, in collaboration with Choice Hotels Europe, you’ll find out about some quick tips on eating, drinking, shopping and generally living like a local (from the perspective of a non-local trying very hard to fit in) in Hungary’s Buda-BEST city – scratch that – Europe’s Buda-BEST city.


Head here for the path to travel knowledge, and hit me up if you’re ever in the city!


“Any extra tips?”

  • Make sure you say ‘szia’ (see-yah) to say hello and goodbye (yes… it’s the same).
  • Make sure you say thank you: ‘köszönöm’ (kuh-suh-nuhm) or ‘köszi’ (kuh-si) for short.
  • Eat everything with paprika and bread.
  • Don’t spend longer than 5 seconds packing up your groceries at the tills after you’ve paid – you need to get the heck out of there ASAP.
  • Get used to counting in thousands – Hungarian Forints (HUF) are presented in MASSIVE denominations, so £15 is about 5170 forints.
  • Don’t buy wine under 300 forints (which is about less than £1/€1) Although it sounds like the best thing in the world at that price, your tastebuds will hate you. Go for something above 700-1000 forints (about £3/€3) – trust me (and my bad experiences).
  • In Summer, Fröccs is a drink Hungarians swear by; wine mixed with sparkling water, originally created in the mid 1900’s to conceal the questionable quality of wine coming into the country at the time.
  • Beer can be cheaper than water – you can get a can in a shop for under 200 forints (£0.70/€0.70) and around 300-600 forints per pint glass in a pub. But don’t forget to stay hydrated folks!

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