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A City Full Circle | Forgotten Photos ~ Budapest

A nostalgic stew of random words + photos that never got posted…

Nearly a full year since my first time in the capital, I was back in Budapest. I fly over so often it’s almost like my second home third home (I’m living outside of London for a while). But when a place becomes too familiar it can become… too familiar… not as inspiring as the first time around. As the freshness of a new place depletes, as can the creative inspiration.


The first time I arrived in Budapest, circa February 2017, the city was suddenly blanketed in a soft thick layer of snow. The Danube river was nearly frozen over, rooftops were adorned with white-capped features, and the general buzz of the big and magnificent capital was overwhelmingly awe-inspiring. I had also recently purchased a new camera and lens (with a hefty price tag of which today I still shudder at) and my creative drive reached 0 to 60 in no time at all; I produced some of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken.

In Summer, Budapest is a whole other ballgame; I saw the city change its colours, literally and figuratively – it seems kind of obvious but when don’t really live in a place it can seem like quite a shock (unless that’s just me). The transformation left a glowing and trendy Summer hotspot; the city’s wide roads lined with tall trees which were once sparse and scraggly now luscious and green, the river-side overflowed with visitors craving anything remotely close to a beach, and heavy meaty dishes were off the menu being replaced by gelato, ice-cream filled chimney cake and an unsightly amount of kebabs and cola. The buildings also seemed different in Summer, the detailed facades and intricate ornaments more visible and prolific, the sunlight making them glow like I hadn’t seen before.

Winter is back and in full throttle, and now I’ve come full circle back to the city I first laid eyes upon with 365 days ago ~ if you haven’t picked it up already, the nostalgia is real. A brief snowy shower has come and gone in the blink of an eye, in which time I tried to relive that awe-struck tourist I once was. I ran out onto the streets with my camera (a new one again, at that) and snapped the city before the white flakes ceased to fall.

ANYWAY super random garble, here are a bunch of images I never got around to posting or writing a story about… I reckon attempting to conjure one up now would be a feeble attempt as it’s not so fresh in my mind. Nevertheless, accompanied are some weary captions to provide some background…


Visiting Fisherman’s Bastion yet again…


Strolling around Fisherman’s Bastion once again.


The little town-y part behind Fisherman’s Bastion – worth checking out!


Pretty ace cafe in front of the Hungarian Parliament (which, as you could guess was the next destination from Fisherman’s Bastion).


Photoshoot time yay. Also trying out long exposures… fairly successful but alas, a rock as a tripod isn’t the best solution.


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