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Forgotten Photos ~ Budapest *snow edition*

*WARNING: Sad story ahead.*

I take so many photos that editing and storing and posting them all can turn into one big gloopy messy pile of … crap. Doing it regularly gets tiring and then I end up forgetting about so many great shots and moments, which definitely is a big boo boo. Anyhow, here are a random collection of images from Budapest, Hungary, some of which are more recent and some of which perhaps were taken last year – honestly, everything is such a mess in my photo-organising I can’t even remember.

It’s been snowing quite a lot lately, nevermind that Spring has sprung. Snow showers intercept deceptively Summery weeks and make for a luggage-catastrophe. When Spring arrives, one tends to ditch the multiple Winter jumpers, you know?

Many of these images were taken with frozen fingers or gloves where I could barely even move my fingers, so either way, there is some special skill in what you’re about to see.

*Sad story over.*

Happy reading!


Amazing coffee and cake at Goamama cafe. The interior is so adorable as well. And right next door is Goahome – their home and lifestyle store which is like an amazing furniture treasure trove you can lose yourself in.


My fave pic from the set…


Snow or dandruff?


I’m still regularly on the hunt for the next most amazing Cafe and in Budapest, I found ‘Central’ cafe. Its art nouveau interiors and gourmet desserts, cakes and pastries, and affordably priced make this place an more up-class version of your bog-standard coffee hangout but less jam-packed than, say, New York Cafe in Budapest – which is also amazing, but more pricey and filled with many a tourist.


A vanilla pannacotta pudding cup with blackberry coulis… omg. I still dream about this pud.


Here are some photos from January, perhaps…


Trying out that long exposure lyf.


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