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A Tropical Tale (PART 2) | Itacaré, Brazil ~ Day 10



Totally starved after our magical hike to Prainha beach in Itacaré, we ventured to the main road of the town which is filled with bars and restaurants and shops. At the nearest end of the road was La Cabana Restaurant, recommended to us by our tour guide for amazing Bahian food. Having been awfully sick the past few days, we were terrified of eating anything too crazy (basically anything that wasn’t a can of guarana or crisps). It had been two days or so since, so we took our chances and ordered a tropical meal fit for a queen; a piece of meaty white grilled fish with a passionfruit sauce, rice steamed with mango and fresh grilled vegetables.


The sweet meaty fish seemed crazy to be paired with the creamy, tangy and fruity passionfruit sauce. After having not eaten for a few days, my tastebuds were totally overwhelmed. The rice was… fruity?!?! What was this abomination?! The only flavour I could recognise came from the grilled red peppers, aubergines and courgettes, stacked upon one another on a small plate. It took one bite, and then another, and then another… slowly chewing, thinking, reflecting… it was freaking delicious. The fruit and fish combo was bizarre but so delightfully tropical and sunny that you couldn’t hate it. And mango rice? Why have I never tried this concoction before???


We only shared these three small plates and were totally stuffed, our stomachs unable to handle so much food and so many flavours after a few days of eating near to nothing. We waddled to get our beach gear once more from the car and headed back to Tiririca beach to spend the rest of the afternoon resting in the sun (or more likely under an umbrella – my skin had seen enough sun for the entire year).


Tiririca beach again!




Perched on beach chairs, with a coconut in one hand and some amazing açaí (topped with banana, honey and granola) in the other, we watched surfers and swimmers battle the waves in front of us, occasionally getting up to jump into the waves ourselves. The water was NUTS, maybe not ideal for a peaceful swim but definitely perfect for a wild fun ride. And this time I didn’t swallow the water which was a big success.


Back in our deck chairs we people-watched and let the day go by. A beach-seller approached, who turned out to be a Peruvian jewellery maker, travelling the world one beach at a time, and we bought some beautiful handmade necklaces at a bargain of a price. We even offered to photograph his work for his website but to this day he still hasn’t contacted me SO IF YOU’RE READING THIS PLS, COME AND GET YOUR PICS PLEASE HAVE MANY. He was super into rocks and gems and was pulling out boxes of them from this rucksack, opening what looked like Tupperware containers that he stored them in to share his love with us.


Shortly after, we made our move to Resende beach to say our goodbye to the beautiful seascape and had a quick walk down the little main street filled with shops and bars. We had little energy to experience the nightlight, unfortunately, but if you’re in the town then it’s definitely worth checking it out!


Praia Concha – not good for bathing but still a beaut.


Back home, it was time to rest and slather myself in after-sun. The one and a half day in Itacare felt like way longer as we had to cram in so much in such little time. If you’re visiting this beautiful place, definitely give yourself a handful of days here. The town itself is so colourful and very safe for tourists (compared to the madness of the rest of Brazil). We didn’t get to explore the town much but went in and out of some local stores and bakeries to get a few bits and bobs for dinners, interacting with the friendly (and very beautiful) locals before going home and getting ready to fall into a deep sleep.


The front of our apartment.


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