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SSA > GRU | Salvador – São Paulo, Brazil ~ Day 13

We said farewell to the amazing Salvador by firstly having a quick look and the amazing hidden street art on the exact road we were staying on and the amazing painted dutch tiles on the facades of houses….


Painted tiles.




After the fastest photo-taking ever (we were totally blocking a one-way road) we took a quick visit to the city’s most famous market, the Mercado Modelo, which is filled souvenirs at amazing prices, food and even capoeira. Right at the bottom of the Elevador Lacerda and near the port, it’s definitely a hotspot for any tourist in need of holiday gifts. We had spent the morning just packing and saying goodbye to our magical Airbnb, so we were starved and grabbed some pastel and juice from a nearby lanchonete.

It felt like the Brazilian version of an American diner; dashingly dressed old men drank coffee from plastic cups, freshly made goods were dished up on scratched plastic plates and the swivelling bar-like stools wobbled precariously when sat on. We each had a pastel, which is like pastry with a filling and deep fried, one with cheese and another with shredded chicken, both so hot that I most definitely burned the roof of my mouth (100% my fault). Luckily we had some dangerously colourful juice to help the burning – guava and acerola. Burned coffee with milk was also a must to liven up the dreary morning, it steaming away in metal containers submerged in a boiling water bath right next to me.


Acerola on the left, guava on the right.


Rain poured and disappeared within minutes during this morning, but by then the whole thing just went straight over my head and I had accepted my fate with the weather. Soon we were to catch a plane to São Paulo so perhaps we were to have some slightly better luck in the last city of our trip….


The Mercado Modelo from the front.


Amazing bamboo tunnel on the way to the airport in Salvador…


Some pics from da plane…


Upon arriving in Sao Paulo, we were caught in the worst traffic, cleverly arriving right in the middle of rush hour. We dodged and weaved through massive crowds in the airport, barely finding our uber outside as the overcrowded pavement met a grid-locked main road. Much much later, we finally made it to our next Airbnb.


We had the best luck with our accommodation, which definitely makes up for the totally bad luck we had for literally the whole trip. Here are pics I took from before I left:


After having explored the incredible apartment, we rested up and looked for some nearby place to grab some food. São Paulo is MASSIVE, think the London of Brazil, with some parts safer than others (which is something we definitely didn’t have the luxury of for most of the trip). Vila Mariana was the neighbourhood our apartment was in, so we just stuck to spending the evening here, eventually finding an amazing boteco (the Brazilian version of a pub) called Barbirô which served up incredible food from Minas Gerais, the state North of Sao Paulo.

We perched outdoors, the place pretty much packed, filled with locals dining with friends – we were lucky to even get a seat here. After being served our food, we could definitely see why. Here they serve up various platters of bar-like ‘snacks’. On the menu for us was a platter of pastel feijoada. You heard me. Crispy little parcels of pastry filled with this classic and amazing Brazilian meat and bean stew. With a little chilli sauce it was DIVINE. On the side were crispy pork scratching curls which of course were delicious. Soon after arrived a bowl filled with a soupy stew; some kind of meat broth with sausage, pork and a grain which thickened it slightly, topped with spring onions, a little chilli and a big pork rib sticking out the side. On the side was some sliced bread and pork scratchings too – I’m sensing a trend for Minas Gerais here. To wash it all down, a whole lot of ice cold beer. It was so damn delicious we still speak about that meal to this day. I would go as far as saying it was one of the tastiest meals we had in Brazil… 


Bellies truly stuffed, we enjoyed the luxury of walking around freely in the city to the local supermarket and then back home, ready to sleep and prepare for our last days of sightseeing in Brazil.


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