Wondering how you ended up on this site and need some answers? Well never fear, I’m here to give you some.

Ok, I can’t do that but what you can know is that I’m Annie and this is where I post photos and words about my travels and food adventures. I like to cook and take photos and wander around random places in the world, and if you like to do that too then I think you might have a nice time perusing these pages.

As well as taking a never-ending stream of photos, I’m also a professional designer, photographer and videographer in real life, so if you like what you see and want to know more about my (fairly) serious life, you can find my portfolio here.


My work as a travel enthusiast, writer, photographer and videographer sometimes gets me sick travel gigs and paid promotions, most recently having worked with Choice Hotels Europe with their awesome Travel Top 6 site, so if you wanna know more about my experience and need any travel content creators (or someone to promote any gear), hit me up dawg.