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Genevan Joy | An Italian Tuesday ~ Part 1

Tuesday in Genoa ~ Part 1 of 2 Plans to explore a bit of the city when I had arrived the previous evening went swiftly out the window as I reached my hostel and rested my poor legs. In no time at all, I had to search for dinner and then night had fallen (alongside my eyelids). After the deepest of deep sleeps I awoke to climb up to Spinata Castelletto through the city’s steep and winding paths. Once a fortress of Castelletto, this ‘balcony’ offers a 360 view where one can admire the multicoloured terraced buildings, medieval towers and Baroque peaks and domes of the city. The early morning sun brought about a haze on Genoa’s skyline, and so I decided to make a later return to see the sunset and the city’s beauty in a different light. Meanwhile, caffeine was in order. Slowly stepping back down the steep trail up, I embedded myself into the winding spaghetti of Genevan streets, the buzzing arteries of the old part of the city. Whilst looking for …

Milano Moments | An Italian Monday

Monday in Milan After finally reaching Italy, after a period of life a few years back where I had become truly obsessed with the country (think fan girl map-posters, learning the language, and even learning how to make pasta from scratch (dedicated, I know)), it seemed surreal. From immediately being surrounded by Italian to watching businessmen and women zip around the streets on vibrant Vespas, I was in my weird 16-year-old self’s dream. For the next 5 days, I aimed to cram in as much of North-West Italy as sanely possible and as a lone-traveller – a real Italian adventure. Day one: exploring Milan. What could only compensate for having to wake up at 2:30 in the morning to catch a 5am flight to Milan from Budapest was dining the best breakfast bistro/cafe I could find – but of course, a trip to Italy should start in no other way. After thorough research of my pre-pencilled-in Italian locations, I reached my first checkpoint: Bianco Latte. Literally translating to “White Milk” this little cafe/restaurant/patisserie joint is …

A Foodie’s Guide to Northwest Italy ~ a Travel Top 6™ Travel Guide!

Whilst wandering through the spaghetti of streets, one can not only become lost in the city of Genoa but bamboozled as to what to sample first from the splendour that the city, situated on the coast of the North-West of Italy, has to offer.