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A City Full Circle | Forgotten Photos ~ Budapest

A nostalgic stew of random words + photos that never got posted… Nearly a full year since my first time in the capital, I was back in Budapest. I fly over so often it’s almost like my second home third home (I’m living outside of London for a while). But when a place becomes too familiar it can become… too familiar… not as inspiring as the first time around. As the freshness of a new place depletes, as can the creative inspiration. The first time I arrived in Budapest, circa February 2017, the city was suddenly blanketed in a soft thick layer of snow. The Danube river was nearly frozen over, rooftops were adorned with white-capped features, and the general buzz of the big and magnificent capital was overwhelmingly awe-inspiring. I had also recently purchased a new camera and lens (with a hefty price tag of which today I still shudder at) and my creative drive reached 0 to 60 in no time at all; I produced some of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. In Summer, …

Tomorrow’s Museum Today

Rio’s centre is filled with both modern and historical gems to discover, and a very new one is Museu do Amanhã – the Museum of Tomorrow; a super slick and modern futurist science museum (as you could probably guess) exploring the Anthropocene and the profound effect of human civilisation’s presence on earth over the past century. Its exterior is one to be seriously impressed by, the architects having modelled its pristine white shell on the skeleton of a whale. Breakfast: orange cake and a much needed coffee. Its interior was no less impressive, being composed of large bright white expanses, undulating curves and organic shapes, all being filled with natural light. The exhibitions were impressively immersive and interactive, visitors becoming unquestionably enthralled in thought provoking games, interactive displays, 15 foot high panels of film, and stunning interior structures, art and installations illuminated with coloured lights. You leave the museum intrigued and inspired, or like me in a state of awe at the entirety of the stunning experience.

Heavenly AirBnBs

Three reasons I love my AirBnB: The beautiful apartment and neighbourhood we’re staying in; from the beautiful rich wooden floor to the cultural art and ceramics all over the walls and floors, this place is something from a dream. The super lovely mum of the host; the host is currently abroad for work but his mum usually greets his guests. And she’s the ultimate apartment must-have (not to objectify). From lending me hats and sarongs to giving advice on where to go to just saying Bom Dia with a sincere smile, she is truly an ace lady. The cost and convenience; paying a tiny fraction of the cost of a standard hotel and the location being so so convenient (right in the centre and by Christ) this apartment was the ultimate God Send.

Rendezvous in Rio de Janeiro

Travelling to Rio De Janeiro super early (i.e. 5am) seemed like a good idea two months ago. I warn against this activity. Despite our 3am wake up call and late bedtime, travelling to Rio De Janeiro was seriously exciting; the iconic city of Brazil awaited us. And first thing on the agenda; see Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer). But alas, our naivety and excitement to see Jesus led us to pay an absurd amount of Reais to not even see the iconic statue; enveloped in a thick blanket of cloud and fog, you could see nothing but his head and palm.  Perplexed at our poor decision making, we stood amongst a crowd of indifferent tourists, selfie-ing like there was no tomorrow. Determined to come back when the weather was better, we descended back down Corcovado on the tram, disappointed and seriously hungry. After seeing some Naif art, primitive art from Brazil, at Museu De International Arte Naif, we somehow ended up a spooky historical house where a sketchy woman lives (and by lives we think …