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The Secrets to a Unique Tour of Rome | A Travel Top 6 Guide!

This month, I was lucky enough to be sent to the magical city of Rome to research and write a Travel Top 6 guide for all you fellow explorers – you are welcome. 48 hours in the Eternal City meant lashings of gelato, pizza and pasta and more beautiful historical eye-candy than you could shake your finger at. The main sights were, of course, to be visited, but my main quest was to discover the alternative side to the tourist-laden capital, one where you can avoid the swarms of tourists selfie-ing to no end by landmarks but still have unique tales to tell. For a short excerpt, read below or click here for the full article on the Travel Top 6 site! * Everyone knows the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Pantheon, but who’s ever heard of the pyramid in the heart of Rome? The 36-metre high Pyramid of Cestius is located only two metro stops away from the Colosseum and a great sight to add to your list if you’re already planning on …

How to Experience Budapest Like a Local ~ A Travel Top 6 Guide!

Ever found yourself wandering the unknown streets of a city or town, wondering why you feel so out of place? Well you need some Travel Top 6 knowledge, my friend, and if you’re in the business of visiting Budapest, the glorious capital of Hungary, then don’t worry: I’ve got your back. In my latest Travel Top 6 article, in collaboration with Choice Hotels Europe, you’ll find out about some quick tips on eating, drinking, shopping and generally living like a local (from the perspective of a non-local trying very hard to fit in) in Hungary’s Buda-BEST city – scratch that – Europe’s Buda-BEST city. * Head here for the path to travel knowledge, and hit me up if you’re ever in the city! * “Any extra tips?” Make sure you say ‘szia’ (see-yah) to say hello and goodbye (yes… it’s the same). Make sure you say thank you: ‘köszönöm’ (kuh-suh-nuhm) or ‘köszi’ (kuh-si) for short. Eat everything with paprika and bread. Don’t spend longer than 5 seconds packing up your groceries at the tills after …

A Foodie’s Guide to Northwest Italy ~ a Travel Top 6™ Travel Guide!

Whilst wandering through the spaghetti of streets, one can not only become lost in the city of Genoa but bamboozled as to what to sample first from the splendour that the city, situated on the coast of the North-West of Italy, has to offer.